FilBen seeks to break new ground in senior living care by providing affordable, high-quality health care services in luxurious facilities. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for seniors to be able to afford to live in a residential environment where they can have social interaction and continue to be an active member of the community.
FilBen Group is comprised of two families that have worked closely together for more than 40 years to build, own, and operate senior housing and health care facilities in the New York metropolitan area. FilBen is committed to growing its services and market areas, by leveraging its knowledge of both the health-care continuum and real estate development. In addition to constructing and operating our own facilities, we have assisted many other providers in developing health care and other senior programs. FilBen provides the full spectrum of development and management services, which may include site selection and development, construction and project management, as well as health-care program development and operation. To date, the principals of FilBen have built over 5,000 nursing-home beds of which they owned 1,300 and operated over 800. Our principals are regarded as pioneers in the industry, and our facilities maintain the highest level of accreditation. Our programs are acknowledged to be at the forefront of skilled nursing and sub-acute care, and our facilities include the latest health care technologies. FilBen principals have worked with large, not-for-profit agencies to create over 1,400 units of independent senior housing. FilBen has assisted these agencies throughout the entire development process, from site acquisition and zoning, to financing and construction. A variety of senior housing has been created, including new construction, rehabilitation, and conversion. These facilities have utilized multiple financing sources.